Custom Orders

Lets get Creative. 

Who doesn't LOVE a custom? The most asked Question when it comes to custom order is: Can you make this to match ____ Shoes, the answer is HELL YES!

What's new?

We NOW can take your old clothes and upcycle them, please note that this is NOT  a cheaper way to get a Scarlett Orange exclusive, some cost is ofcourse deducted BUT please don't expect anything to drastic. 

What to expect and what to do:

Firstly please have some sort of budget. you should have some ideas e.g colours you like, style, the details you want (E.g pockets, zips) The brand and vibe you are going for the reaction you want from the world!

How it works:

  1. You will submit your request using the form below
  2. You will be given an estimate quote or an exact quote [ This will depend on if you know exactly what you want or if you want to discuss your ideas and the possibilities]
  3. You will be sent a payment link to pay a deposit of £50 + your shipping fee
  4. You will be sent some designs to choose from or adjust
  5. When you are happy with your chosen design you will be sent a link to pay the remaining balance.
  6. Your Garment will be put in a queue to be constructed 3-5 weeks 
  7. Patience is important but please always mention any birthdays or deadlines then you can be told if it is possible or not


Prices are from* because it depends on brand, materials and details etc

Crop & jogger set from: £200

hoodie and jogger set from: £250

Jacket and jogger set from:£350

T-shirt and jogger set from: £220

hoodie from: £120

Jacket from: £200

Biker jacket from: £230

jogger from:£150

crop from: £50

overalls from: £200

bags from: £100

Gloves from: £40

Other parts:

Price depends on type*

1 pocket: £8-10

1 zip: £7-13

1 Buckle: £7

1 bag attatchment: £30

pair of draw strings: £12

 All prices are in £ Pounds GBP

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