scarlett Orange


Scarlett orange is a clothing brand specialising in Exclusive, Up-cycled and Reworked garments. Our biggest inspiration is from the Trainer / Sneaker culture.​

All of our pieces are made using Vintage, Reclaimed, Rare or damaged items of clothing and bags from specialist vintage and second-hand outlets. Due to the nature of this our stock is often limited.​We have regular drops where we offer a selection of made to order Garments and Exclusive 1 of 1's. Our 1 of 1's are usually made using the Rarest handpicked Jackets and hoodies. Our made to order selection is made using more commonly found second-hand pieces of clothing.

Each piece is handmade in house in London, England.

​​We Give old clothing a new life.​Upcycling is our Art.​​

You will only be able to find the authentic Scarlett Orange Creations on this website. Other website's that are using our images and claim to be selling our Art is either printing fakes or scamming. We are the originals. Stay Safe


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